Posted in June 2012

Thai Yourself Down Here

If you love Thai food, you’ll LOVE LOVE LOVE this restaurant! Introduced to me by a special someone, this Thai restaurant has it all – from Tofu Satay to Curry to Sticky Rice with Thai Egg Custard for dessert – Titaya’s Thai Cuisine on North Lamar Blvd in Austin, TX has an awesome menu filled … Continue reading

Harvesting from her Texas Garden

The one thing I miss about living in a house with an spacious backyard is the ability to create a garden. Maintaining a garden is an excellent way to grow your own produce organically, keep you motivated to incorporate various fruits and vegetables in your diet, and soak up the sun (there’s your Vitamin D). … Continue reading

Simple Salsa

Salsa is another one of my staple foods along with black beans because you can do so much with it! You can put salsa on omelets, tacos, tamales, and even the more obvious – chips! I wanted to share my salsa recipe on my blog because I have noticed how many people are amazed that … Continue reading

Friday Top 3: Burgers

Hey Everyone! So in order to spice this blog up, every month on a Friday, I will post about my 3 top picks for a particular food item! This Friday, I am posting about BURGERS!! Hamburgers have been an American classic, and they can be found almost anywhere now. When most people think about Hamburgers, … Continue reading

Black Beans: “The Magical Fruit”

Welcome to my first blog post! Hooray! To start my blog, I wanted to talk about something simple: Black Beans. For me, this food is one of my staples. I cook it whenever I feel lazy, when I am in a hurry, or when I just need a great side dish for Spanish or Tex-Mex … Continue reading