Friday Top 3: Burgers

Hey Everyone!

So in order to spice this blog up, every month on a Friday, I will post about my 3 top picks for a particular food item! This Friday, I am posting about BURGERS!!

Hamburgers have been an American classic, and they can be found almost anywhere now. When most people think about Hamburgers, they think about burgers at fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Whataburger, etc. However, when I think about burgers, I think about the places that serve hamburgers well above the fast food standard. Burgers that have been served at these establishments have blown me away with their huge flavor, eye appeal, and bang for your buck. Here are my Top 3 Favorites:

1) Lili’s Burger, Lili’s Bistro, Ft Worth, TX

This burger has to, by far, be my favorite. Not only does Lili’s bring out this burger with a HUGE visual appeal, but it is PACKED full of flavor. And instead of serving the traditional side of french fries with this burger (which is an option as well), they give you the option of choosing between their House or Greek lettuce wedges. The picture above is the Lili’s Burger with a Greek Wedge. Where is the ‘wedge’ you ask???? Well, it is buried under fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and a green-onion vinaigrette! Delicious! But, now for the actual burger: The Lili’s Burger comes with your choice of either a regular or jalapeno bun (choose Jalapeno), and then they sprinkle chopped bacon, drizzle gorgonzolla sauce, and add a few chopped tomato on top of the patty. All I can say is: IT IS SO GOOD, LIKE OMG. If you are ever in Fort Worth, you must try this place for lunch (Lunch is the only time they serve their burgers). I’ve also heard that their Poblano Burger is to die for as well. Check it!

2) The L.A. Burger, Casino el Camino, Austin, TX

Casino el Camino creates some pretty good burgers, but this one was really good. The L.A. Burger – Angus Beef Patty cooked to whatever your liking (I like medium), sprouts, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and shallot mayo! It was a great combination along with the grilled, sweet bun. Casino el Camino is a little bar on East 6th Street in Austin which has a really weird, yet interesting vibe. Nonetheless, the food that they make hits the spot! If you are ever on 6th and want a good burger, Casino el Camino is the place!

3) The Dutch, Dutch’s Burgers and Beer, Fort Worth, TX

Now this is a burger that my fellow TCUers can attest to! The Dutch doesn’t have anything too fancy on it (except the things you request), but the beef patty rests on the BEST sweet bun ever! Paired with fries or onion rings, this burger is fantastic to enjoy with a beer and a few friends! Be sure to come to Dutch’s on Tuesdays – the Dutch Burger is 1/2 price!!

Have burger favorites of your own?? Comment below and share your favorite burger and where to find it! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Friday Top 3: Burgers

  1. hi eric! your blog makes me HUNGRY! πŸ™‚ would you believe that we live down the street from lili’s, but i’ve still never been. you’ve convinced me. i have to go devour that burger sometime within the month. thanks for the tip! have fun blogging! πŸ™‚

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