The Chick-fil-A Sandwich Recreation

This past week, I have noticed
Facebook has been filled with Chick-Fil-A news! I have noticed that a particular food blogger, Hilah, (like myself) has blogged about how you can make Chick-Fil-A’s chicken from the comfort of your own home. So of course I had to experiment with her recipe!

I went through all of her steps very carefully making sure that I didn’t miss an ingredient or a step. After completing all steps of her recipe, I decided to taste the finished product. And HOLY COW was I amazed. It tasted EXACTLY like the Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich!!!! You all have my word. I am thinking that marinating the chicken in the pickle juice overnight along with using powdered sugar in the flour mixture really makes this a duplicate of the original. Now I can make the Chick-Fil-A sandwich whenever I want!

Come on over to my place for a better and cheaper Chick-Fil-A sandwich, y’all!

Pan-frying the chicken!

The chicken!

The finished product!


2 thoughts on “The Chick-fil-A Sandwich Recreation

  1. SO. GOOD. I got to taste Eric’s Chick-Fil-A reproduction and it was amazing! Almost better than the original…

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