My name is Eric, and I am a food-aholic. Yes, that’s right – I am your average 22-year old who loves being around food. But not just any food. I like to be around great food. You know, food that makes you want to pull out your smart phone, take a snapshot, and upload it to Facebook or Twitter. If you ever have been in that situation, then you know the plate of food in front of you must be special in some capacity.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Christian University (TCU). I absolutely love the study of Psychology, and I have made it my life’s goal to pursue a career rooted in the discipline. Specifically, my interests in psychology lie in studying human behavior from an evolutionary perspective, and I am currently working in a evolutionary psychology lab at the University of Texas at Austin to build up my research experience. In addition to psychology, I chose a nutritional sciences minor at TCU because, like I stated in the first paragraph, I love learning about food. I also enjoy incorporating healthy food into my diet, exploring the psychology of food, and learning how I can maximize my nutrient intake from great tasting food. Not only that, but I LOVE TO COOK. One of my favorite classes at TCU was my Gourmet Foods class because my professor was amazing, the class was very informative, and I was able to do what I love in the classroom.

One of the best books that I ever read while I was taking my nutrition classes for my minor was called, “The Jungle Effect” by Daphine Miller, M.D. If you love traveling and are looking for a good, informative read about food, look into this book. It even has recipes from different cultures all over the world in the back of the book – a plus! Check it out!

Three paragraphs ago, are 4 photos of myself. The first I consider my head shot (ish), and the 3rd from the left is me in my kitchen attire! 🙂 The second picture from the left is of my dear friend Katie-Rose and myself. Katie-Rose is one of my fellow foodie lovers, and in the picture we are holding Whole Foods gelato ice cream – safe to say, it was delicious. The photo furthest to the right is of my mom and I on our way to my graduation ceremony!


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