Great Food = Great Life

I believe having great food and being able to enjoy it is a big component to a happy lifestyle. Food is more than just something we use to get us through our busy days and schedules. The food that we eat DEFINES us – it defines how we are physically, psychologically, and socially. Now, I am not saying that a great food will solve all life’s problems, but it certainly helps individuals feel a level of satisfaction that can lead to other good outcomes.

However, a “great food” can mean a lot of things to different groups of people. For example, a “great food” to one person can be simple as bacon and eggs, and to another it can be as complex as prosciutto wrapped scallops. I view “great food” as having 3 main components: visual appeal, great flavor, and being healthy. If a particular food LOOKS good, TASTES good, and has a POSITIVE EFFECT on your health then I would classify that food as being a “great food.”  Since I come from a strong background in psychology and nutrition, there is no doubt in my mind that great food can have an impact on us psychologically. In fact, I am very interested in learning about the psychology of food:  how we psychologically choose our food and how our food affects the way we behave. Thus, hopefully by channeling my two passions through this blog, I will be able to stimulate ideas and inquires for future food investigations.




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