Bangin’ BBQ on the Hill

Not only is Texas a state where you can find the best Tex-Mex around, but it is also very well known for its reputation in the BBQ-arts. You can find many many many places with great BBQ in Texas, and I have come to find that each BBQ restaurant has its own unique personality and atmosphere. I have been to Rudy’s, Pok-e-Jo’s, The Salt Lick, Cousin’s, and Cooper’s BBQ in Fort Worth, and each one of these places has its own appeals and let downs. For example, I wanted to try out the Salt Lick because it has been known to deliver high-quality food as evidenced by its popularity and its fame on the Food Network. I definitely think the Salt Lick is a great place for BBQ (their BBQ sauce is awesome), however, I was a little disappointed with the variety and side options. To me, their potato salad and coleslaw are not considered “great foods,” In fact, I thought the potato salad in particular was quite mediocre in flavor.

However, there is one BBQ spot in Austin, TX that has always impressed me with their menu, variety, flavor, and presentation. County Line BBQ on the Hill is a fantastic place to go if you have not yet explored the realm of BBQ. County Line on the Hill is more than a BBQ spot in my opinion; it is a restaurant that allows guests to dine in dressed up or dressed down, view the beautiful West Austin scenery on top of their hill, and enjoy many options from a hearty rib platter to a delicious grilled salmon (which by the way, their salmon is one of my favorites!).

One bit of criterion that sets this restaurant apart from its other BBQ competitors is its menu variety. For example, County Line on the Hill prides itself with selling a little bit of something for everyone. In addition to their mouth watering BBQ, they also have steak, seafood, burgers, wings, more than 8 side options (all delicious and better than the Salt Lick’s sides), and decadent desserts including a “knock your socks off” homemade peach cobbler. They also include vegetarian as well as gluten-free options (w00t!). Secondly, I would consider County Line on the Hill an “evolved” food establishment because each one of their food items focuses on quality and flavor. The pork and beef ribs are packed with flavor and topped with an awesome BBQ sauce, the grilled chicken is marinated to perfection, the homemade bread has just enough sweetness, and the Mac N Cheese is swoon-worthy due to its creamy texture and cheesy punch. I could go on, but what fun would it be for the readers if they knew what food treasures await? 😉

Bottom line: County Line on the Hill isn’t just an amazing place for BBQ, but it has a little bit of everything that has the quality needed to make this place a top pick for food connoisseurs. Try it out! And when you do, make sure to give them a vote in the Dudley and Bob-B-Q Bracket for Best Ribs in Austin! I mean, LOOK AT THEM:


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